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The Hudson Paper Company is one of the largest distributors/manufacturers of retail, use and promotional packaging in the New England. We differentiate ourselves from the competition in the following ways:

          HUPACO represents foreign and domestic suppliers marrying product across multiple platforms to achieve a cohesive image maintaining the best price and quality.     


         HUPACO purchases in volume when dealing with our key industry suppliers. This enables us to offer more in stock items at competitive pricing.


             HUPACO is one of a few manufacturers of custom set up boxes (including rounds, ovals, octagons and other handmade & machine made constructions) in the Northeast. There are rarely limitations to what we can  produce. Our base materials are made from recycled components and we will accommodate small projects.

         HUPACO employs a diverse group of packaging specialists to partner in helping clients drive towards success through exceptional packaging and service.


         HUPACO has the experience/expertise customers are looking for as we are about to celebrate our 103rd year in business.

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