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Thank you for considering The Hudson Paper for all of your packaging needs. In the competitive business environment we live in, your name and logo are an important part of your marketing scheme. The mood and image of your product or store starts with your packaging. While our website will help you to shop for premier stock products and guide you to sources available in the marketplace we also provide many other services.

Our Art Dept: We have skilled graphic designers on hand to help you design your logo or image that is best for your store. Offering a free mock up program, we will review and quote without any cost or obligation. You can choose the first design or the third and there will not be a cost to you. However if an order is received art charges will apply.

Our Sales Staff: We employ a diverse, knowledgeable sales force that works towards establishing partnerships with our customers to better understand their vision and enhance their business. Some know exactly what they want their packaging to look like while others don’t know where to start. Our sales force has unique and creative ways of bringing packaging together to coordinate and match with your store.

Our Customer Service Dept: One of the most important entities in any business is to have a knowledgeable customer service. We pride ourselves on possessing just that with exceptional and helpful customer service that is persistent, timely and ready to expedite your order and answer your questions. If an answer is not readily available our customer service agents will always get back to you in the same day with the exact or alternative answer you are looking for.

Our Web Site: We have invested time and money into our website to provide you with the knowledge you need in choosing a packaging company. We also offer a user friendly site which enables you to shop all of our stock products available at your fingertips.

Our Company: We work with all accounts, large and small. Celebrating over 100 years in business we are here to service you for all of your retail and custom packaging needs. Please call us today for any additional information or to request our brochure.

Thank you for your continued support!
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