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Personalize your packaging with hot stamping or printing. There is no better way to advertise! Whether incorporating your store name on a bag to serve as a walking billboard or on a box for prestige of where an item came from, it is one of the most important ways to get the message across.
Hot Stamp and Printing Costs:
Minimum hot stamp or print is one case. Art & plates at cost, one time charge. Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time when ordering personalized merchandise for the first time. Allow 2-3 weeks for repeat orders.
                                                          Less than 1M per plate             1M or more per plate
Shopping Bags                                                                                                          
Ink Printing                                       $80.00/Lot                           $85.00/M
Hot Stamping 25 sq"                           $125.00/Lot                         $145.00/M
Hot Stamping 50 sq"                           $155.00/Lot                         $175.00/M
Hot Stamping 75 sq"                           $190.00/Lot                         $210.00/M
Hot Stamping 100 sq"                         $215.00/Lot                         $245.00/M

Merchandise Bags                                                                                                    
Ink Printing                                       $55.00/Lot                           $65.00/M
Hot Stamping                                    $90.00/Lot                           $100.00/M
Ink Printing                                       $80.00/Lot                           $85.00/M
Hot Stamping                                    $90.00/Lot                           $100.00M

Jewelery Boxes                                                                                                         
Hot Stamping                                    $100.00/Lot                         $125.00/M
Hot Stamp and Printing Stock Colors:

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